Seasonal Flowers

Chances are if you have a small garden space or even pots throughout your yard, you likely have seasonal flowers or annuals planted. However, taking care of these flowers isn’t always straightforward. Because other plants manage to live all year, it may seem confusing as to what your seasonal plants require. In fact, many people think that they are helping their flowers grow, only to see them wither away!

If you love how annuals look in your yard, it helps to know that your landscape service offers seasonal plant assistance as well. When you call Howard Landscape Group, we have affordable and efficient solutions for any plant need. Call today for the best Chattanooga area landscape services. Your seasonal flowers will look their best in no time!

What Are Annuals?

Annuals are a type of plant that experiences its entire life cycle in just one year or even less. These plant types often germinate later in the summer season, and by winter they’re on their final life stage. However, the challenge becomes getting these plants to their flowering stages, as well as continuing to keep them healthy until their natural lifespan runs up. Because of this, some homeowners feel that they just aren’t worth the hassle.

Unfortunately, if not cared for properly, these plants may not bloom at all. When flowers need every resource that they can find to continue living, it may just impair their ability to blossom. Seasonal flowers are still living plants, and if they’re in your yard, they deserve personalized care. When you need to help your annual plants reach their full potential, you need our team for your home. Call us for the best in local annual plant services. When spring rolls around, your yard will explode in color!

Why Bother with Annuals?

Many ask why they should even care for annuals if they aren’t going to last very long. However, these flowers offer a few distinct benefits. Because their life cycles are shorter than perennials, you will need to plant something else in its place the following year. However, most homeowners find annuals to remain cheaper to maintain.

Perennials are far more finicky, and the number of care products that they need soon add up. By the time you purchase new fertilizers, mulch, bug and weed sprays, as well as other tools and accessories, you could have redone your yard! Annual flowers also attract the “good” kind of bugs, such as honey bees and butterflies. Perennials may not always attract these beneficial insects. Finally, in some situations, annuals may not need any help at all. Most of these flowers are relatively self-sufficient, and you may find that they have already left a replacement behind when they die off! 

Annuals are beautiful to look at, provide a fragrant aroma, and are cheaper to care for and maintain. What is not to love about these easy-going flowers? Call Howard Landscape Group today for the best annuals care services!

One of the fastest ways to improve the curb appeal of your property is to have seasonal flowers installed. When you call Howard Landscape Group at (423) 822-8860 we make getting a quote and scheduling your service easy.

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