Leaf Removal Service

If you were to ask homeowners what their top yard care concerns were, they likely would respond with weeds or plant overgrowth. However, one aspect that seems to remain overlooked is the number of leaves your yard produces. While everyone has mounds of fallen leaves in the colder seasons, some yards stay coated with leaves seemingly all year long. And if you’re unfortunate enough to suffer from this problem, you’ve probably wasted numerous weekends trying to straighten it all up.

Instead of spending time and working up a sweat each week, why not hire Howard Landscape Group, for your leaf removal? We offer professional leaf clean-up, keeping your lawns clear. Call us now to discover how we provide better service for your home. We offer top quality leaf removal services, giving you the lawn care you need at affordable pricing.

Professional Leaf Removal

The average landscaping service likely offers leaf removal service. However, this is frequently just someone with a leaf blower or even a hand rake, spending hours in your yard. Instead, our team provides a faster and more efficient solution for your leaf problems. Our company uses a leaf removal method, where we mulch your leaves up to feed your grass. Our method works quickly and leave your yard appearing well-manicured. Call us now to hear more about how we can remove all your leaves. No yard is too challenging for our team!

On-Site Leaf Mulching

Why remove fallen leaves when you can put them to work? If leaves are already covering your grass, we can just grind them up where they are! We have a few different tools to use for this method, although a lawnmower may do the trick. We grind up as many leaves as we can, allowing them to remain in the soil. 

Our leaf mulching services are designed to keep your property looking great while protecting the lawn from mold and other common problems with leaves being left on top of the grass. Call us today at (423) 822-8860 to schedule your leaf clean-up.

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